Focus group of Students in Zaragoza

On the 9th of May 2019, a focus group of 24 students has been organised by the University of Zaragoza: the students have discussed about the competences, related to the use of GIS tools, most commonly requested by the job market.

Focus group of Teachers in Zaragoza

The partner organizations of the "MY GEO" project are running focus groups of Unviersity teachers with the aim of identifying key competences related to the use of GIS tools in higher education. Here are reported the main conclusions of the focus group of teachers organised by the Unviersity of Zaragoza.

Focus group of Teachers held in Madrid

The four partner Universitites of "MY GEO" are implementing "focus groups" of teachers meant to identify a set of key competences needed to teach GIS in higher education courses. Here is the report of the focus group organised by UNED and held in Madrid

Focus group of Students in Padua

On the 5th of April 2019, on the occasion of the "Geography Night" event held in Padua and organised by the University of Padua in callaboration with Archetipo S.r.l., the project "MY GEO" has been introduced to a focus group of students.

The MY GEO Blog

The "MY GEO Blog" is a section of the website containing news, photos and reports on the ongoing activities of the project implemented by its partner organizations.