This is the last article about concrete examples of projects carried out through the use of GIS technologies.
These are only few possibilities, but they are countless; try to discover the largest number of uses you can!

Ocean / Marine GIS Applications

  • Wave Reduction – Curtailing wave energy by mapping and building up coral reefs and other coastal habitats as a nature-based solution.

Parks GIS Applications

  • Biodiversity – Managing biodiversity in parks with smart phones.

Politics/Government GIS Applications

  • Voting Patterns – Reviewing how electoral districts voted at the polls.

Reporting/News GIS Applications

  • Mapping Conflict – Putting any crisis, destruction or terror attack on the map.

Society Applications – Built & Environment

  • Needs of Services – Allocating the proper needs and inclusion of marginalized populations.

Sports & Recreation GIS Applications

  • Stadium Security – Getting the big picture by giving police and emergency responders to track activities on a web-based geospatial platform.

Surveying/Geodesy GIS Applications

  • Global Positioning Systems – Locating the position of anything and anywhere on Earth.

Telecommunications GIS Applications

  • Radio-Wave Propagation – Estimating the propagation of radio-waves for network with complex reflections and diffraction and line-of-sight.

Tourism GIS Applications

  • Virtual Travel – Seeing your destination before physically being there. (Google Earth Street View)

Transportation GIS Applications

  • Deadliest Roads – Pinpointing the safest and deadliest roads on the planet with the Roads Kills Map. Spoiler: Dominican Republic has the most dangerous roads.