– MY GEO Mobility

The MY GEO Mobility is a training methodology targeted to students in higher education and aimed at fostering the acquisition of key skills on the use of GIS tools, through experiences of international mobility in private companies.

The methodology will be tested during the project activities, through the realization of two cycles of 300-hour internships hosted by the partner companies and held by 16 students from the partner Universities in international mobility.

The skills acquired through the mobility will be ratified by the partner universities which will grant the recognition of training credits for the involved students: in line with the prevision of the “MY GEO mobility”.



The project partners will detail a methodology for the acquisition of key competences related to the most common uses of GIS tools in the labor market, by students in higher education: through internships in private companies (learning-by-doing).

This methodology will serve as a theoretical basis for the formalization of the mobility agreements “MY GEO MOBILITY” between universities and partner companies and will contain: the detail of the skills to be acquired, a programme of activities and a framework for the evaluation of the skills acquired during mobility.

During the project two cycles of international mobility, involving a total of 16 students (two from each partner University) will be hosted in the four partner companies: each mobility will have a duration of 300h (about 40 days of internship).

The activities carried out during the mobility will be video-documented: the videos will be uploaded to the “MY GEO” website contributing to its capacity to provide practical examples on the use of GIS tools in the labor market.

The WP dedicated to the present Intellectual Output will be coordinated by the Ghent University and will count on the active contribution of all the partner organizations in the consortium.