Between August and November 2019, the “National Distance Education University (UNED) and the “University of Zaragoza” (UNIZAR) partners of the “MY GEO” Project, took part in several international conferences focused on geographic education and new teaching methods through the use of GIS tools.

The following events were attended by the “MY GEO” partners:

  • EUROGEO 2019 Annual conference Hidden Geographies, Ljubljana, from 29 to 31 August 2019
    • Rafael de Miguel González, Maria Sebastian López, UNIZAR team, contributed to the conference with a presentation entitled:
      “MYGEO: Geo tools for Modernization and Youth Employment”
    • Maria Luisa de Lázaro Torres, UNED team, contributed with the presentation:
      “GIS as a transversal subject in Geography lectures: MYGEO project”
  • IX Congréso Iberico de didáctica de la geografía, Santiago de Compostela y Lugo, from 18 to 20 October 2019
    • María Luisa de Lázaro, Julio Fernández Portela y Francisco José Morales Yago ,UNED team, took part to the conference with a presentation entitled:
      “La docencia universitaria en asignaturas de geografia empleando los sistemas de informacion geografica”

The “MY GEO” Project was extensively presented during the meetings above, with particular reference to the following Intellectual Outputs under developement:

  • MOOC for teachers in Higher Education Institutions, aimed at fostering the MODERNIZATION of partner Universities;
  • “PORTFOLIO MY GEO” for students, aimed at fostering the EMPLOYABILITY of students in higher education.