The “MY GEO” MOOC FOR TEACHERS is the first Intellectual Output envisaged by the MYGEO project: aimed at promoting the modernisation of teaching methods and learning tools within the partner Higher Education Institutions, through the use of GIS tools.

“MY GEO” MOOC FOR TEACHERS will be realized after a process of research aimed at identifying the key skills needed to make use of GIS tools in Higher Education. 

The  “MY GEO” MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be a free online course, targeted to university teachers, and aimed at fostering the acquisition of the key skills previously identified. 

The MOOC will include training modules with slides, documents, videos, links as well as an evaluation  module meant to measure the “learning impact” of each training module.

See the full description of the “MY GEO” MOOC for teachers and the other Intellectual Output that will be developed under the “MY GEO” project at the link: