THE PORTFOLIO MY GEO is an Intellectual Output of the MYGEO project: currently under finalization with the active contribution of the whole project consortium. 

The output is aimed at fostering the capacity of students in higher education to acquire key skills related to the use of GIS applications commonly used by private companies. 

To this aim the partners are researching and identifying GIS tools commonly used by private companies and the key skills required for their use.

The research is realized with the collaboration of the partner companies and of young people involved in experiences of mobility. In this sense the present Intellectual Output is correlated and benefits from the other outputs of the MY GEO project.

An online training course (MOOC) will be created: a distance learning module will be associated to each of the key competences previously identified. 

The contents of the MOOC will be assessed and validated by “Focus groups” of students implemented in the four partner universities. 

Such as for the other Intellectual Outputs of the MY GEO project: the MOOC for students will be freely accessible online from the “MY GEO” website. The contents will be organized so to allow users to define their own “training needs” in relation to the competence of interest and the intended use of  GIS.

See the full description of the PORTFOLIO MY GEO and the other Intellectual Output that will be developed under the “MY GEO” project at the link: